Sunday, May 20, 2012

100 People Challenge

I have decided that I am not that good at this whole blog thing, so, I am going to make it a priority to write every day. In order to do that I am going to do a blog challenge on the top 100 people who have influenced my life. These people will be in no particular order and I plan on writing about one person each day. I may even add a few things here and there that are kinda random about my life. In fact, we are going to start with 5 random things going on in my life at the moment.
1. I can't wait to have butterflies again over someone special.
2. I'm going to Uganda in February,
 to work in an orphanage and I can't even wait! 
3. I have been filling out teaching applications 
like it's a full time job.
4. I started selling ThirtyOne and
think all two of you who read this should buy something.
5. I have the house to myself 
for a whole month and I don't love it!

Now, the first person on my list of 100 people who have influenced my life is none other than the one and only S. Keith Vaughan... my father!

I am by far the biggest daddy's girl in the world. I know many people say, "I have the best dad in the whole world". Well, they may think they do but I can assure you my dad is the best! He is my biggest fan and advocate. My dad is not only my father, but he is my mentor, my pastor, my friend, and my hero. He is strong in his faith and he is passionate about His work. He loves the Lord and he has a true desire to influence this world for Christ. My life verse is Matthew 5:16, which states "Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven." My dad lives out this verse daily. He is a light to the world and many people would love to put that light out. However, that will not be possible. :) I have seen my dad hurt by the very people who profess love to him and I have seen him betrayed by some of his best friends. I have watched as the church has beat him down and cared more about "politics" than about the word of God. However, each time, my dad has stood firm and never backed down from what he knew to be right and what he knew to be God's will. As a father, my dad did everything he could to make sure my brother and I had everything we could ever want or need. He raised us to be independent and confident people and to hold our heads high and rely on God's love, support, and will to guide us. The past seven months have been the hardest I have been through so far in my life. My dad has been constant and loving through it all. He, as well as, my mom and other close friends, have seen me at my lowest of lows and yet he carried me through it and never faltered. As a husband, he has shown me how a man should treat his wife and how love never ever grows old and NEVER fails. He loves my mom with a love that I can only pray that I show half of when I find that special someone. He adores my mom and she is the light of his life. He is the true example of a Godly  husband, father, and friend.
 Well, there ya have it! One down, 99 left to go!  Wonder who's next???



  1. Danielle, This made me cry. What a blessing you have in your father. :) - Ashley Webber

  2. I enjoyed day 1. Am looking forward to the other 99.

  3. Except for the fact he's not my father, this is why I love your dad as well...always firm in his faith. I have actually wondered what he and your mom did to get kids so strong as well...guess it was by prayer and example. Trying to do it myself. My biggest challenge as a Christian is being a parent; I am responsible for their foundation. Hope to have children as grateful as you.

  4. I enjoyed your 1st blog, but the green is hard for old eyes to see.
    It's wonderful to see the love you have for your dad, I think he was the best Pastor that Arlington had while I was going there, I wish I could find my church up here, I just can't seem to. The 1 I've been going to has a lot I like, but it just isn't quite right.
    Tell your mom and dad I said Hi, from Peabody, MA
    Judy Cox