Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod :)

Sorry I have been away for two days. Friday night Linds and I freaked ourselves out by telling crazy dreams and I ended up staying the night at her house. Last night I was at my grandparents and didn't have Internet access. So, tonight I am combining numbers 5 and 6 in one post. Today's post is dedicated to Stanley and Peggy Vaughan-- my Popple and Granny.
Granny and Popple's 50th Wedding Anniversary

My college Graduation

I am blessed to have two sets of grandparents who  think the world of their grandchildren. Many people see their grandparents as just "old" people they have to visit on holidays or as people who just sit around and talk about boring things and aren't fun to be around. My grandparents are VERY different than that. I am very close to both sets of my grandparents, but this post is going to be about my dad's parents. I was the first of 5 grandchildren on my dad's side and until 5 years ago, I was the only girl. I can remember every year going to the mountains with granny and popple and my brother and going to Tweetsie Railroad, Santa Land, and Ghost Town in the Sky. I also remember going to Mudcat baseball games and packing a picnic to have before the game. The picnics would consist of my granny's homemade pimento cheese and fried chicken. To this day, every time I visit we have that meal. We visited them whenever we could and stayed at their house so many weekends. In the Fall we would rake all the leaves and dump them in a very deep ditch in front of their house. Dustin an I would jump in the leaves and do this over and over for hours! I would put on fashions shows for granny and we would sing and dance in the living room. We would walk on the railroad tracks and tell stories. My fondest childhood memories were spent with my granny and popple. 

Danielle: "Popple, guess what?"
Popple: "What punkin Doodle?"
Danielle: "You're bald headed."
Popple: "No way! Who told you that mess?"
Danielle: "I just see it."

I can clearly remember this conversation like it were yesterday. Every time I saw my popple, when I was younger, this would be usually how I greeted him. My popple is a cute little bald headed man, who is sarcastic as can be, and I love it! From the time I was born he called me punkin doodle and to this day, I rarely ever hear him call me Danielle. One thing I always have admired about my popple is his dedication to the Word of God. Every evening before he goes to bed, he kneels by his bedside and prays. Every morning he starts his day reading the bible and praying. He is such an encouragement to me.

My granny is very special to me. We have a special bond, that only the two of us share. We talk on the phone as much as we can and I tell her and my popple everything. There are secrets no one else knows, but my granny and popple. My granny and I would sing together whenever we could and she never hesitated to play with me. To this day I know I can call her whenever and she will be there for me. When Grant and I broke up my granny and popple were the first people I told. My parents were in Hatti, so called them and cried and they just listened on the other end.

I know that everyone has a time to leave this world, but I can't imagine my life without my granny and popple. They are the rock of our family and the glue that keeps us all together. They have shown me what true love is and they live a life that is truly pleasing to the Lord. Their love for one another is contagious and they love each other more today than they ever have.

My granny and popple are two of the most precious people in my life and I am so thankful and blessed to have them. I love you!


  1. Great post! You are so very blessed to have these 2 amazing people in your life. I miss them almost as much as I miss you and your parents ;) what a great example they have set for your family and I love them both dearly. Definitely two of the cutest most precious people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

  2. Very Well Said Danielle. I am so thankful for them as well and thankful that each of you grandchildren mean the world to them. Having Godly role models is rare these days and one that we should never take for granted. Thanks for honoring them in this way.