Friday, April 20, 2012

Forever Love

I know all four of you who read my blog have been very sad and depressed that you haven't heard from me in like three months. Have no fear, I'm back!! A lot has happened since the wonderful "snow day". Well, not really, but I like to think that a lot has happened. One thing that has happened and that is very different for me, is I like to shop. I have never really been a shopper and I have never really bought things for myself. However, that has changed. Now, I can't stop. I have a problem and my friend Lindsey is no help because she just encourages my crazy spending. (Love you Linds) Anyway, so tonight Lindsey an I went to see The Lucky One. It was so good. Our plan was to go to dinner at our staple, La Ca, and then see the movie at 8:00. However, the 8:00 movie was sold out so we had a little retail therapy. BAD IDEA!!!! I spent too much money on super cute dresses, bathing suits, and shoes. (Notice all plural) ooopppsss! Anyway, The Lucky One was so good. I read the book and it is by far my favorite Nicolas Sparks book. Like always, the book was better, but the movie was great also. The only bad part, it's a movie and its fantasy and guys like that do not exist. Therefore, girls like me have expectations that clearly will never be met and we feel like we have to settle. Well, I'm not settling! I will find a man who loves me and cherishes me and thinks I hung the moon (even though he clearly knows God did). I also just finished reading Karen Kingsburys, Bailey Flannigan series. It was great! I love her books but this series was my favorite because I closely related to the story. One quote that stood out to me was when the mom in the story was talking to her daughter, Bailey, about knowing when the right guy comes along. She said, "The next time a boy pursues you, he better do it like a dying man looking for water in a desert. When it's the right guy, you'll know, because he'll cherish you." That's what I want!!! I want a guy to pursue me and cherish me. While it may not seem like there are guys out there who will do this, I know there are and I will wait for my time. I spent 7 years waiting to be pursued and cherished. While my "ex" (weird) is a wonderful man and I truly did love him, he never pursued me and think we both took each other for granted. There are many things I would have changed in our relationship but one sticks out in my mind and that is, I want the man I am with to know I cherish and adore him and never take him for granted. Yes, there will be problems and hard times, but I never want those to overshadow our love for each other. Cherishing is something that every woman wants and desires, and is different for every woman. We want special attention and we want to be recognized. We want to know that we are special to you. The love between a man and a woman should be like that of Christ love for the church. Christ cherishes us and loves us with no ending. I want a man who loves me like that. Girls, we got this! God created us to want that and he created man to be that. We will find them! :)
This song is great! Listen and reflect on Christ's love for us and the love we one day will share with that special someone :)

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  1. Amen! I get so discouraged when I watch movies like the one tonight. I think of all the guys I know and can't think of hardly any who pursue a girl so passionately and lovingly! But I just know there are 2 lucky guys out there for us! :) Shopping was fun too! haha