Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am getting the hang of this blog thing I think. My posts are probably boring and I'm pretty sure Lindsey and my dad are the only ones who read it, so they already know half the stuff I say. Oh well, it's therapeutic. So, I had a great Saturday! I spent it with my mom and dad and we did a little shopping and I bought a bed set!! I am so excited about it! I bought a duvet cover and a down comforter and it's beautiful. I post a picture when I get it set up. My granny and popple also came to visit today!

 I just love my granny and popple. I mean, look at them... are they not the cutest two love birds in the world!? My popple is just an adorable bald headed man and my granny is the sweetest person alive. I am very blessed to be super close to both of them and I talk to them often. Many of my childhood memories involve them. They have been married 53 years and love each other more than you could ever imagine loving someone. They brought me some yummy Valentine treats and I was so excited! My granny makes the best rice krispy treats in the world!!!!!! Anyway, they came and stayed for a while and granny scratched my arm for a very long time! (Told you I love it). We talked and laughed and had a great time. 
Tonight I went bowling with my parents and Andrew and Jasmine and Greg and Angie. Today was Andrew's birthday (he is the children's pastor at my dad's church), so we celebrated with bowling and then went to the sellmans for desert. The Sellmans have two little girls who are ADORABLE and have the best playroom I have ever seen in my life! Mia's dad built her a princess castle into the wall of her play room. It is literally every little girls dream room. Shoot, I'd have it for my room now. It's beautiful!
 In other news, Whitney Houston died!!!! I think I was in disbelief for a good 30 minutes and I still am not sure if I really believe it. It makes me sad! She was such a talented woman and singer and had such an impact on the world of music. With that, I will leave with this goody! Happy Saturday!!

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