Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Day of Love

Well, today is Valentine's Day. I refuse to be bitter! I have always been a fan of the day of love because I am the textbook romantic. I love the flowers, cards, sappy sayings, and all that lovey dovey stuff. While most single girls sulked around all day feeling sorry for themselves, I told myself I would NOT be like that and for the most part I did a good job if I do say so myself! I took the time to remember all the wonderful Valentine's Days I have had and I took the time to really be thankful that I have been in love. Love is a wonderful feeling. Having someone love you back is even better. For seven years I spent my life with someone who did love me and I know that love was real. I am so thankful for that time I spent with him. Yes, today was hard and I missed him more today, but I also refused to let it get the best of me.

My little man!
I had a great day and spent it with wonderful people! I nanny for a little boy named Fisher, who is 8 weeks old. He is precious and wanted to snuggle all day. There's just something about a child's love that makes me smile and so happy. They love you no matter what! Reminds me of Christ love for us. I also recieved phone calls today from friends I haven't talked to in a while, who just wanted to check on me. It meant the world that they would think of me and want to tell me they love me. I also got a Valentine from my daddy.... I'm going to see WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly excited and so surprised! I spent the evening with the Kelly family and Ryder was the PERFECT valentine!!! He puts grown men to shame. He ran up to me in his little suspenders and bow tie, with a hand full of balloons and a puppy dog, and said, "Happy Valentine's Day Danielle! I got you a whole whole big bunch of balloons!" I will admit, I teared up just a little. It was just so adorable. His daddy (Lucas) also got me a pack of cokes and oreos. :)

On another note, I went to see The Vow with Lindsey, Heather, and Erin on Sunday night and it was really good. I want a man to pursue me and fight for me no matter what. A man should love a woman with an undying love that beats all and never fails! This was from my devotion this morning: 
"I sense God wants you to know that He delights greatly in you. And with His love, He is there today to quiet your fears, insecurities and doubts. I have a feeling the joy-filled songs He sings over you are written just for you, describing the beautiful woman He’s created you to be, while gently leading your heart to know and rely on His love more and more each day." Such a great reminder! I do not need a guy to fulfill my need of being loved. Christ pursues me daily and loves me with a love that will never fail. That is amazing! It may sound cliche, but it's true and it's all I need. I don't know what the future holds for me, but I do know I deserve to be treated with a love that bears all things and will never fail. Happy Valentine's Day!!

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  1. I'm glad your day was good. And Ryder sure is the most perfect Valentine! :) You deserve a man who will fight for you, and that's how I know you will end up with one!