Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We ARE Anne of Green Gables

Sorry it's been a few days with the blog postings. I'm so bad at it! Today my goal is two posts, recognizing two different people. Number 9 in my list of 100 (wow, I have a lot to get done) is none other than my best friend, roommate, and partner in crime, Heather Truax! (She just got back from being in Europe  for 14 days and it was the longest 14 days of my life!)
 Heather and I met 7 years ago when we were both on Living Proof/Primary Focus. We hit it off quickly and became good friends. When I came to Lynchburg, she stayed with the ministry one more year, but we talked often. My first year at Liberty was a little rocky, but Heather was just a phone call away and we talked all the time. We both were having a crappy time, so we needed each other. That Christmas she even had Christmas with my family because her flight back to Colorado was Canceled. It was a wonderful time! Anyway, in 2007 Heather came to Liberty and we were roommates and the rest is history. Heather and I are so different yet so much alike, as impossible as that sounds. We are Anne Shirley and Diana Barry from Anne of Green Gables, kindred spirits. She's the crazy, out of the box, dare devil friend and I am the oh my gosh are we going to get in trouble, freak out friend! HA. We compliment each other well! Heather is my other half and I can't even begin to tell you how much she means to me. 
 If you know Heather at all, and you are trying to describe her to someone else, this is usually how the conversation goes:
You: "She's the one with the blond hair, high voice, talks a lot, and is super nice."
Other person: " oh yeah!!! I know Heather!! She is so sweet!!"
Yep, that about sums it up. However, I know the "behind closed door Heather" and sweet is not a word I would use to describe us sometimes. :) Just kidding. Heather really is the most genuine, real, and honest person I know. She is that friend who has my back no matter what and would honestly go to battle for me. She is loyal and dependable and my rock. We rarely argue, and when we do, we yell at each other, slam doors, and then are fine the next day. We don't hold back from each other and we know everything there is to know about one another. We've been through some CRAZY stuff over the past 7 years and it has only made our friendship stronger. We've seen each other at our worst and at our best. We've helped each other through some of the darkest days in both of our lives. She's the first person I call when I have something to say and she is usually the last person I talk to before I go to bed. (We sound like an old married couple. HA!) This year brought a big change for us! We got our own rooms for the first time in 5 years. It was such a horrible day! HAHA! The conversations we have late at night are random and crazy. We have fun together, we cry together, we laugh together, we yell together, and we share the most important parts of our lives with one another. Heather makes me want to be a better person and she inspires me to do my best at everything and she supports me no matter what. Our friendship has been tested over the past 7 months, because of "the breakup". Out of everyone, Heather has been the one to see EVERYTHING. She has been so amazing and honest with me. I know she truly loves me and cares about me because she wants the best for me and she's willing to tell me the brutal truth, even when it kills me. She has no reservations about telling me when I am being stupid and she hurts when I hurt. That's a true friend. The Lord knew what I needed when He brought Heather into my life. She is my best friend and I know we will be best friends forever. And look at us, we are beautiful and can't be stopped! :) I love you Heather and I am so incredibly thankful for you best!

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