Monday, July 30, 2012

So long Virginia, Hello North Carolina!

Today was an end of a wonderful era! For five years, I had the privilege of living with my best friend, Heather. We have lived with some crazies and some not so crazies and then finally spent this last year with just the two of us. I have loved living with my best friend. Many people live with their best friends because they think it will be so fun and no drama. However, they quickly realize that's not the case and usually the friendship changes, or even ends. Heather and I have never had that problem. The longer we lived together, the closer we became! I am just so thankful for her and for all the fun memories we have made!!! I am so excited to see where the Lord takes us on this next journey! Love you best!
Now, I always have said, "The next person I live with after Heather will be my husband." Well, guess what?? SURPRISE! I'm not married... so I'm not living with my husband. So, the next best thing... Keith and Edna Vaughan! I lived with them for 18 years and I handled it well. I think I can do it for a few months :) All kidding aside, living with my mom and dad again is going to take some getting used to, but I think it's going to be great! AND I won't stay here forever; just a couple of months until I find a cute place to call my own :)

So, today, July 30, 2012, starts a "New Beginning" in my life. I'm starting my job tomorrow and my prescious little third graders arrive in 2 weeks! SO fun! As God would have it, Lynchburg decided to post three open elementary positions this week, two for third grade and one for first. While the selfish side of me really wanted to apply, and try one more time to stay in the Burg, I know leaving is the best choice. I was talking to Heather and then Erin about my decision. I know staying in Lynchburg would be more of a selfish choice. I am comfortable in Lynchburg and stagnant. Moving to NC will force me to do new things and get out of that comfort zone. Today was a very sad day for me. Lynchburg became my home and is where my best friends are. However, Lynchburg also holds a lot of memories that are hard to let go. While I will always remember my time in Lynchburg, it will be nice to not see reminders of things daily. I'm sad, but excited to start this new chapter and I am so excited to be a real teacher!! The Lord has a good and perfect plan for me and no matter where I am, I know who will be here through it all and that's all that matters. Now my blogs can be about teaching and how cute my classroom is!! Get excited!! :)
So long Virginia
HELLO North Carolina!

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